Mitsubishi Starmex Aircon Review

Mitsubishi Starmex Aircon is one of the most recognizable brands in Singapore. Over the years, MItsubishi aircon has obtained the trust and satisfaction from the customer. They have built quite a great reputation and they have a Starmex series going on for their inverter aircon. Previously, they had the GE and FJ series that delighted lots of their followers. Their latest series is the Mitsubishi Starmex FN Series. It is not an easy series to review because of the similarities with the past two series. Same like before, Mitsubishi is providing 5 years warranty for compressor and 1 year warranty for other parts. However, we rarely received complains from our customer after new installation.


1. Aircon Appearance

The FN Series look similar to previous FJ series and there is not much changes anyway. However, when it comes to functionality, there are much more good review about it. When you first get a glimpse of its looks, you will barely have any complaints. It would be great if your aircon looks great because it would be something that you will be proud of. Imagine if there are visitors visiting your house and they see you have an impressive look aircon, they will certainly happy with it and praise you for your choice.


2. Aircon Cleaning and Servicing

According to aircon experts, aircon with regular service is maintained better and could use for a longer time as compared to those without regular service. For Mitsubishi Starmex FN series aircon, you only need to remove two screws in order to clean it. This is an improvement from the last series which required you to remove three screws. Some may say that there is not much difference between two screws but it will pile up since you need to clean the aircon filter once every three months. Apart from cleaning the filter, it is also a must to call the aircon experts to perform a chemical overhaul at least once a year to have a thorough cleaning on your aircon. If you don’t clean it as often as you need to, then you may need to say goodbye to your aircon earlier than when it suppose to decompose.



Do contact us at Sky Breeze Aircon Experts if you need our experts to help you.

Sky Breeze Aircon Experts is one of the top air conditioning service providers in Singapore. We offer air conditioning servicing & repair at an affordable price. Brands that we service including Daikin, Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Samsung, Toshiba, Sharp, Hitachi, Haier, Sanyo, Fujitsu and etc.

3. Aircon Energy Consumption

Mitsubishi FN series has a 5 ticks energy label  from NEA for its energy efficiency. 5 ticks is the highest energy label given to any aircon. By getting a 5 ticks aircon, it can help you to save money in the long run. When you invest in something expensive, you would expect to be benefitted from it. Here, you gain the benefits from energy saving hence reduce the monthly electrical consumption and you will have money saving as well. When sum up of days, weeks, months and even a year, it translates to a big amount of money saved.


4. Aircon Size

Mitsubishi Starmex FN series aircon is smaller if you compare to previous version. This is a good thing for customer as you will have more option when come to installation place. However, this does not mean that you can install the aircon on your own. Some money can save but some money cannot be saved. For aircon installation, you must entrust the task to experts and you do not need to worry about. By entrusting the task to experts, the installation process may just take 1-2 days depends on the job scope.


Mitsubishi Starmex Review – Final Word

Mitsubishi Starmex FN series, the brand that you will never regret to own for. For us, we are definitely confident that this series will please you in ways you’d never have imagined. For those first time house buyer, we can assure you that this is definitely a worth to buy aircon brand. For those that have been using Mitsubishi products for a long time then you should know how reliable and how good they are.

As for aircon installation, just approach us and we will take care for you. Don’t ever attempt to install the appliance on your own as you may end up breaking things that should not be broken.

For aircon servicing, you also can leave it to us and you have no worry for it.

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