If you feel that your aircon is not giving you cool air anymore, it might be due to a gas leak. Our technicians provide aircon gas refill services by topping up your refrigerant storage with cooling gas and at the same time, fix up the hole or damage causing the leak.

Aircon Gas Top Up Singapore


$60 - $130 (depends on gas pressure) ​


$80 - $150 (depends on gas pressure)

The Need for Aircon Gas Top-up & Refill Service

There are many reasons why your air conditioners are no longer blowing cold air. For one, gas leaks could be a problem, and you would then need an immediate solution because they put your health and safety at risk. When this problem occurs, hiring a professional aircon contractor in Singapore is of utmost importance.

These contractors offer aircon gas top-up and refill. They are experts in checking any gas leaks in your machine and doing the necessary repairs, resulting in a more functional air conditioner. And they will also inspect and refill the gas of the unit so that it will maintain its cooling power and prevent any compressor damage

Benefits of Aircon Gas Top Up & Refill Service

Regular aircon gas top-up and refill are essential to prolong the life span of your air conditioners and keep them at optimal status. And this service also gives a wide array of benefits, like the following:

  • Prevents water leaks
  • Improves aircon efficiency 
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Minimises possible aircon damage

Get Your Aircon Cleaned with Us!

For aircon gas top-up and refill or any professional cleaning and maintenance needs, you can contact Sky Breeze Aircon Experts. Get in touch with us now; contact or +65 9755 3586.


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