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It is recommended for you to service your Aircon units in every 3 months. Research showing that aircon with regular service may last longer period as compared to aircon with no regular service.

It depends on the Aircon model you are using and the usage pattern. The estimated electrical consumption can be calculated by using the following formula:

Estimated Electrical Consumption = Input (kW) x No. of hours used x No. of days per month x Current Utility Rate

An Inverter air conditioner delivers cool air by varying the frequency of the compressor, and thus regulates the refrigerant to satisfy room cooling requirements and achieve the desired temperature with minimal fluctuations. It eliminates waste with precise control. In this way, yes, we can say that inverter Aircon it is more energy efficient.

You will receive an email order receipt when you purchased our Annual Package (x4) Regular Service from us. You may just click on “BOOK NOW” to schedule for your next service. Else, you may also use your email address or the code in the email to retrieve your remaining services on our booking page.

Yes, you may do so. You just need to book “One Time” service at our booking page and choose “Pay Later” after you’ve entered all your details. Just put a remark in the text field provided that you would like to upgrade to Annual Package (x4) Regular Service and we will provide you with an invoice after we have completed our first service.

By engaging Sky Breeze One Time Regular Service, it would help you to,
1. solve water leak problem
2. have cleaner and healthier air quality
3. prevent system breakdown
4. improved efficiency of air conditioner.

Yes, our site survey is free of charge if you engage our service after site survey. Note that normal site troubleshooting charges is $40.

You may select a suitable cleaning method for your airconds after understanding different types of cleaning methods here. There are 3 types of different intensive cleaning methods for different applications.
1. Enzyme Cleaning 60 mins – Safer and more environment friendly method. Recommended for intermediate muddy fan coils.
2. Chemical Cleaning 60 mins – Slightly harmful to your fan coil unit in a longer period. Recommended for intermediate muddy fan coils.
3. Chemial Overhaul 90 mins – Recommended as the most thorough and effective cleaning method.

This service is needed when regular service does not help in improving the condition of your aircond. This service is required if you notice your aircond not cooling enough or making a loud noise or leaking water or has stopped working completely.
By engaging Sky Breeze Chemical Overhaul Service, it would help you to deal with following issues,

1. blockage of vents due to accumulation of dust particles or toxic gunk
2. blockage of drain pipes causing water to overflow
3. severe damage to the evaporator coils
4. fan bearings not working properly
5. faulty or damaged air filters

You should have received a confirmation email with your booking details on the day you booked. You may just click on the “change appointment” button and you may select a new date and time at no additional cost but subject to our availability.

Once we have verified, we would process your refund. Normally, it would take 5-10 working days to process. Please be patient.

Yes, you may do it online if it is more than 36 hours from your booking date and time. If it is within 36 hours, please drop us a call. This is to refrain us from sending technicians to an empty house and to avoid unnecessary last-minute change cost. We can accomodate changes up to 2 times, but if you have special circumstances we are willing to be flexible.


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