Aircon Installation in Singapore

Sky Breeze Aircon Experts is a trusted service provider of aircon installation in Singapore. We have a wide range of installation and repair services at affordable rates.

Living in a tropical country with high temperatures and humidity, we always emphasize that having an efficient air conditioning system is necessary. You can skip the inconvenience of high heat and humidity because we can install your AC unit, keeping you cool and comfortable.

And it’s best to have a trusted service provider install and keep your units at their optimal function. While there are different aircon models and brands, Sky Breeze Aircon Experts have experienced technicians with quality tools to work with your unit.


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Important Factors to Consider for Aircon Installation

An air conditioning system is essential in every home. It doesn’t only beat the heat on warmer days but also improves the air quality in your area. So, avail yourself of an air conditioning service to install your AC and enjoy a cooler and more comfortable life.

But before anything else, there are things to consider when installing an air conditioner, such as the ones below:

1. Aircon Type

There are different air conditioners fit for your residential and commercial spaces. Wallmounted AC, ceiling cassette AC, and portable AC are among the common kinds of air conditioners. Regardless of their make, they still have the same function and purpose. At Sky Breeze Aircon Experts, we install a variety of ACs from famous and lesser-known brands while still ensuring quality installation.

2. Aircon Specs

It’s wise to know the specifications of an air conditioner before you purchase and install it. It will help you decide if the device can accommodate and cool your area. For example, a 12,000 BTU AC can cool a room of approximately 450 to 500 square feet. So, for rooms with the same 500 square feet dimension, an air conditioner with a higher cooling power is recommended.

3. Installation Cost

It’s essential to consider the rates of installation services. While many companies offer aircon installation in Singapore, it’s still necessary to choose the one that guarantees to give your money’s worth. At Sky Breeze Aircon Experts, you don’t have to worry about going over the budget because we have affordable aircon installation costs.

4. Additional Services

After the installation, you must make sure of the longevity of your AC. Proper care and maintenance are needed to make the most of your unit. Most skilled technicians give professional recommendations to better your air conditioning system. But if problems beyond your means arise, you’ll need to avail yourself of additional troubleshooting, maintenance, and other related services.

5. Trusted Aircon Contractor

Many aircon installation and repair companies in the country can cater to your needs. But hiring a reliable aircon contractor like Sky Breeze Aircon Experts is the best choice. You can check out the testimonials from satisfied clients and ensure that you get a high-quality installation service.


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Why Sky Breeze Aircon Experts’ Installation Service is Highly Recommended in Singapore?

You probably wondered why Sky Breeze Aircon Experts gained multiple positive feedback and recommendation from different property owners. To satisfy your curiosity, here are the reasons why:
– Outstanding online booking system and good customer service;
– Experienced and skilled technicians that value work efficiency and punctuality; and
– Great service packages at reasonable prices.

So, if you are looking for an expert in aircon installation in Singapore, Sky Breeze Aircon Experts is the one to call. For more enquiries, visit our contact page or call +65 9755 3586 now!


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