Mitsubishi Aircon Servicing & Installation

Starmex Series

Mitsubishi Aircon

One of the Best Selling Aircon Brands in Singapore

Starmex Series

Mitsubishi Aircon

One of the Best Selling Aircon Brands in Singapore

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About Mitsubishi Aircon

Mitsubishi Electric has been providing reliable, consistency, high-quality products to homes, businesses and industries in Singapore. In Singapore, Mitsubishi aircon is one of the most popular aircon brands commonly used in HDBs and Condos. The reputable Japanese brand promises to deliver the ultimate MEQ (Mitsubishi Experience Quality) to all their customers. Are you looking for a highly recommended Mitsubishi Electric model? Start with the Single Split Inverter and Multi Split Inverter.

Our team of professional technicians with top-notch industry level skills will perform quality Mitsubishi aircon services at competitive prices.

Mitsubishi Aircon Servicing Singapore
Mitsubishi Single Split Starmex Aircon Servicing Singapore

Single Split Inverter - Starmex MSY GE Series

Mitsubishi Electric Starmex series aircon has Inverter Technology which adjusts capacity in response to difference temperature between outside and inside the room. This capability allowing Mitsubishi aircons to run at higher efficiency and hence reduce the energy costs and electricity consumption. The Mitsubishi Electric Single Split Series Inverter is built with Easy Clean features, Anti-Allergy Enzyme filters and a Catechin Plus Air Purifying system to ensure the air being produced are fresh and clean.

Multi Split Inverter - Starmex MSY GE Series

With capacity ranging from 2.5kW to 7.1kW, customer may mix and match to build a customized aircon system as per their need such as System 2, System 3 or System 4. Similar with Single Split Inverter type, Mitsubishi Starmex series multi split inverter aircon also has Inverter Technology which allow it to run at higher efficiency and reduce the energy costs and electricity consumption. This has been proven and been given a 5 Ticks from NEA’s (National Environment Agency) energy labelling scheme for the good efficiency and power saving. Besides, Starmex series also absolutely quiet and provide customer with a peaceful night sleep.

Mitsubishi multi split starmex aircon servicing
MXY-4A38VA Outdoor Unit 1:4 Indoor Units

Want to Hire Expert Mitsubishi Aircon Servicing in Singapore?

Proper installation and regular maintenance for your Mitsubishi aircon in Singapore is always a good idea, and it will maximise its efficiency and prolong its life span. A simple and constant cleaning can improve the performance of your air conditioners, helping you avoid costly repairs and other inconveniences.

So, if you are in need of Mitsubishi aircon servicing, such as aircon installation and maintenance, Sky Breeze Aircon Experts is the one to call. Get in touch with us today by contacting or +65 9755 358.

Aircon Maintenance

The use frequency of your aircon and environment conditions will affect the performance of the aircon units. Research shows that the aircons which are well maintained and having them serviced at least quarterly a year, the performance is improved as well as the life span will be prolonged too.

Common Issues

The unit that had been used for sometimes with no proper maintenance, the accumulation of dirt/dust on the Line-Flow Fan may cause increased vibration which may lead to noise and irregular wear and tear to the fan motor. After sometimes, it will become more and more serious and fan motor replacement is needed.

Dirt/dust tend to accumulate on the Line-Flow Fan and Heat Exchanger after aircon been used for sometimes. This will reduce the heat exchange efficiency and reduce the air flow which lead to abnormal colder surfaces on FCU and condensation to occur on surfaces of FCU and field pipes. The accumulation of dirt/dust and algae growth may choke the drainage pipe and lead to water overflow and dripping from drain pan.

For examples, pets fur, cigarette, cooking smells, baby diapers and etc will be absorbed into the FCU during air circulation and discharge again after heat exchanged. After sometimes, the accumulation of room odour will cause odour been discharged from the FCU. The level of odour will become more and more strong till the aircon been serviced.


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