General aircon cleaning services will mostly only cover exterior parts of the unit. Aircon chemical washing on the other hand includes dismantling the machine such as water trays, air filters, evaporator coils and fan coils. With a chemical-based solution, our technicians will flush the internal pipes to remove any dirt particles trapped inside. This will improve your indoor air quality and extend the lifespan of your air-conditioning unit.

When you notice that your aircon is leaking water or making loud noise when operating, it is time for you to get a chemical overhaul. Our professionals will remove the blockages in the aircon vents and replace the damaged air filters. It is recommended that you conduct chemical overhauls once every year to prolong the lifespan of your air conditioning unit.

Check out our affordable packages for aircon cleaning in Singapore.

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Aircon Chemical Overhaul Singapore Wallmounted AC

1 Unit


2 Units


3 Units

Most Popular

4 Units


5 Units


6 Units


1 Unit – $150
2 Unit – $240
3 Unit – $360
4 Unit – $480
5 Unit – $600
6 Unit – $720


Aircon Chemical Cleaning Singapore

1 Unit


2 Units


3 Units

Most Popular

4 Units


5 Units


6 Units


1 Unit – $70
2 Unit – $140
3 Unit – $210
4 Unit – $280
5 Unit – $350
6 Unit – $420

Why is Aircon Chemical Cleaning Essential?

Have you noticed that your air conditioner is not performing at its optimal status for the past few days? While it can still do its job, you probably observed that it’s taking the unit longer to cool the room. 

When that happens, hiring a reliable aircon contractor in Singapore to perform an aircon chemical cleaning becomes imperative. 

The aircon chemical cleaning involves dismantling an air conditioner and cleaning its parts, specifically the compressor, filter, condenser, etc. These pieces are soaked into a particular chemical solution to eliminate dirt and other debris. And the same key is used to wash the inner pipes of the unit.

Why Do You Need an Aircon Chemical Overhaul?

Since Singapore is a tropical country, there is a big chance that mould, dirt, mildew, and bacteria can build up in your air conditioner, affecting its performance. Not to mention, these germs can also affect your health. 

Sometimes a simple aircon chemical wash is not enough to solve the problem, and that’s when an aircon chemical overhaul becomes necessary. 

Aircon chemical overhaul is essential in removing debris that clogs the vents and drains pipes of the unit. And it also helps in resolving the damaged evaporator coils, fan bearings, and air filters. So, your air conditioners can continue performing at their best because it cleans and replaces faulty parts.

Let Sky Breeze Aircon Experts Help You

If you are looking for a trusted contractor that offers aircon chemical cleaning and aircon chemical overhaul services, you can turn to Sky Breeze Aircon Experts. For more enquiries, contact or +65 9755 3586 now! 


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