Common aircon issues you used to face in Singapore

Willis Carrier, Robert Sherman, Nikolay Lvov, Michael Faraday, Edwin Ruud, Reuben Trane, who was the first inventor for air conditioning? The answer is Willis Carrier and the others do contribute their inventions and discoveries in HVAC industries. Technology has helped us to solve a lot of problems including the warm weather in Singapore.

Lee Kuan Yew, the first Prime Minister of Singapore ever said that “What I fear is complacency. When things always become better, people tend to want more for less work.” Our house only has fan 30-40 years ago, but now air conditioning has become a need for us especially in this region. We do expect our air conditioning unit at home could last longer, expect it can be cool enough, expect it could have lesser power consumption, and even expect the air conditioning unit could be switched on 15-30 minutes earlier before we reach home.

Despite enjoying the chill room temperature from air conditioning unit, there are also some common issues we do face from our home or work place air conditioning unit. Let us go through all the issues you might face and see if you need to book a service from us.

– Refrigerant leakage
The outdoor condenser unit and indoor evaporator are connected with pipes through the wall. The refrigerant flowing through the pipes and circulating through the coils and compressor to dissipate heat. Any refrigerant leakage in the pipes or coils will affect the cooling efficiency of the entire air conditioning system. All refrigerant leaks should be located and repaired at the soonest.

– Foul smell from indoor unit
First of all, locate the source of the smelly air. Singapore has a high humidity of over 90% and this is good for the reproduction of mold in air conditioning filters and coils which is harmful to your family’s health. If the smell is strong, we would recommend a chemical overhaul to fully extract the whole unit for cleaning. If the condition is still acceptable, aircon chemical cleaning might be a solution for this.


Do contact us at Sky Breeze Aircon Experts if you need our experts to help you.

Sky Breeze Aircon Experts is one of the top air conditioning service providers in Singapore. We offer air conditioning servicing & repair at an affordable price. Brands that we service including Daikin, Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Samsung, Toshiba, Sharp, Hitachi, Haier, Sanyo, Fujitsu and etc.

– Faulty Wiring
We do advise our customers always check the company background and their experiences before engaging any aircon repair & maintenance company in Singapore. The wiring from inexperience, untrustworthy or uncertified aircon installer is very dangerous which might lead to fire hazard and put you and your family member at risk. Faulty wiring can refrain the system from power on or can lead to circuit breaker tripping randomly anytime.

– Thermostat Malfunction
Thermostat is the sensor responsible for regulating the indoor room temperature for an air conditioning unit. It helps to maintain the room temperature at desired set point, when temperature goes higher, it will start the cooling process and vice versa. If the thermostat is malfunction the air conditioning unit won’t know if the cooling process is effective. For this case, we would recommend to replace the thermostat for your air conditioning unit.

daikin aircon servicing singapore

– Compressor Broken Down
The compressor motor responsible for compressing air to deliver cool air into indoor. When the motor is broken down, the refrigerant and coolant won’t circulate inside the machine and keeps it passing through the condenser coils and evaporating unit. In this case, the cooling cycle has broken, and we would recommend to have a full replacement for compressor unit.

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